Episode 11 – Missy (Buttry) and Andrew Rock

This week on D3 Glory Days, we had a fantastic conversation with Missy and Andrew Rock. Two of the greatest D3 athletes of all time. Between them, they collected 35 All-America honors, 23 Individual Titles, 9 Team Titles, and 1 Gold Medal. Both have set D3 All Time Records in the 5k and 400m. We talked with them about their decision to go D3, stay in D3, what they’re professional careers were like, and everything in between. They both are still in D3 as they coach at Bethel University in St. Paul Minnesota. You can follow their team @bethelxctf.

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Here’s to the Glory Days.

Episode 10 – Bobby Van Allen

This week, Noah and Stu sat down with Johns Hopkins Coach, Bobby Van Allen. Bobby is the first D1 Graduate to be on the pod but winning 6 national titles makes up for it. Bobby was initially hired as a part-time coach and later was named Full-Time in 2002. He covers his background in Maryland, the decision to leave Physical Therapy school, and relives some of Johns Hopkins National Titles. He gives great insight into how he built Johns Hopkins up, talked about training, and even tried to pitch Noah and Stu to join Hopkins. All this and more on Episode 10 of D3 Glory Days.
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Episode 9 – Jordan Carpenter

Hello everyone, happy new year and welcome back D3 glory days. We started this podcast last  year, and it’s been a lot of fun for us to share some of the stories of Division three running, and to relive our own glory days. We’re excited for what this year is going to bring to our young podcast, and we really appreciate all of you who have been listening all along. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Please take a moment to subscribe to the show, and review our podcast wherever you found it.
Today on episode 9 of D3 glory days, were happy to welcome former d3 all american, national champion coach, and current elite distance runner Jordan Carpenter. Jordan was an unheralded high school athlete who improved every year on a diet of high mileage and 4.0 GPAs at UW Oshkosh, ultimately finishing as high as 13th at xc nationals, and national runner-up in the steeplechase.
While continuing his running career after graduation, which has included a 64 minute half marathon, Jordan also launched his coaching career. Just three years into his job as the head cross country coach at Pomona College, he led them to their first ever national championship, 
Jordan is currently training in Boulder Colorado eyeing an olympic trials qualifier in the marathon before the collegiate track season ramps up. Enjoy the conversation, and heres to the glory days.
Jordan on Twitter: @_jcarpenter_
His team on Twitter: @sagehenrunning

Episode 8 – Parley Hannan

At first glance, Parley Hannan from Ithaca College came out of nowhere to win a national championship in just her second year of cross country. That much is true. But spend a little time with self proclaimed ‘open book’ Parley Hannan, and you’ll see that the 2019 champion’s story runs much deeper. Three universities, a leave of absence, learning to cope with anxiety, depression, and disordered eating, to becoming the best division three runner in the nation. From a dark place to the national limelight we’re glad to welcome Parley to Episode 8 of D3 Glory days.
We cover a lot of ground in this one. Parley’s story shows the path isn’t always linear, and we think a lot of runners will find pieces of her story relatable. As she stormed into the lead before 3k, and capped a nearly perfect season with a national championship – Parley announced herself as a contender in every race she enters. Will she be back to defend next year? That answer and more coming right at you.
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Parley on Instagram: peafunkk

Episode 7 – Patrick Watson

4:55 in the 1600, and 10:09 for 3200, those were the high school PRs of Stevenson University’s Patrick Watson, the 2019 Division 3 Cross Country Champion. From not qualifying for the meet his freshman, to finishing 15th there his Junior year – Patrick had been visualizing this win for the last 12 months. He began to pull away effortlessly at 5k, and never looked back.
In our first interview with a current D3 athlete, Patrick walks us through how he went from an unheralded high school athlete, to division three national champion. He gave us insight into how his race played out, and filled us in on where he’s going from here.
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Patrick on Instagram: @patrick_watson1

Episode 6 – Bijan Mazaheri and Ryan Root

The inspiration for today’s show comes from Charlie Marquardt, specifically a tweet he put out after this years Chicago marathon. In that tweet he compares how three runners fared in the 2012 NCAA XC championships in Terre Haute, with  how they finished this year’s Chicago marathon. The runners who did both are myself, Ryan Root, and Bijan Mazaheri. Most striking was the pace comparison between the two. While my marathon pace was a few seconds slower per mile compared to that 8k in 2012, Ryan (2:17:00) and Bijan (2:15:26) ran as fast or faster per mile in the marathon than they did in 2012. You can find the tweet in the show notes. That compelled us to call them up, hear about the rest of their  collegiate careers, but almost more importantly, hear how their Division Three experience created a love of running that continues to this day. Both these men are a case study of the progression a D3 athlete can make over the years, and it was really cool to get them on record together.

Charlie’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/cmarqq/status/1183505005048946689

Ryan Root on Twitter: @RyanAndrewRoot

Bijan has a website dedicated to D3 XC Predictions: https://bijanmazaheri.wordpress.com/d3-regional-cross-country-rankings/

Episode 5 – Kori Stoffregen

Hello everyone, nice to see you again here on episode 5 of D3 Glory Days. I’m Noah Droddy joined as always by my friend and co-host Stu Newstat. We’ve got a fun one for you this week, and a first for this podcast. In our previous four episodes we’ve interviewed recent D3 alums. Today we switch it up a little bit, bringing you the first installment of D3 Glory Days, Coach’s edition. Stu and I sat down with DePauw University head coach Kori Stoffregen, our college coach. We enjoyed having Kori as a guest, we obviously have close connections to Kori, both running in his program all four years, and in Stu’s case subsequently serving as his assistant coach for the last two years. Before Kori was a D3 head coach, he was a Division three athlete at Wartburg College in Iowa. We learn how Kori got into running, and his experience in the early glory days of Division three. From there we move on to his beginnings in coaching, his move to DePauw University (where he’s been since 1996), and what he’s learned in his extensive career in Division three. An all-American himself at Wartburg, Kori has gone on to coach 35 All-American’s at DePauw University, and has been named Conference coach of the year 28 times. We hope you enjoy the hour with Kori as much as we did. Before you go, please be sure to hit that subscribe button, and leave us a quick review, it’s much appreciated. Alright, here’s to the glory days.
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Episode 4 – Emily Richards

Joining us today is Emily Richards, Delaware Ohio native, and Ohio Northern University graduate. Emily had a really exciting collegiate career, collecting 9 national championships and 13 All-American honors. But Emily is perhaps most notable for her range. With registered PRs from the javelin throw and 200m dash, all the way up to a top-ten finish at NCAA Cross Country. She found the most success over the middle distances, and is currently competing as a professional athlete over 800 and 1500 meters for Hoka ONE ONE and the NJNY Track Club.
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Episode 3 – Dhruvil Patel

Thanks for tuning in again, we’re glad to be back on the microphones and bring you another D3 story. Today on the pod, 13x All American and 6x National, Dhruvil Patel. Patel was the headliner for the historically dominant North Central College Cardinals under Al Carius. We covered a lot of ground with Dhruvil, including overcoming tragedy early in his running career, and finding his ‘why’ at a young age. We talked about his college search, and got into detail on what it was like at NCC, where he was always competing for national titles. We capped it off by hearing his plans now, as he tries to jumpstart a pro career. As always if you’re enjoying the content please sunrise to and review our show, it helps a lot. Here’s to the glory days.

You can follow Dhruvil’s journey on Twitter and Instagram – @dhruvil1114

Episode 2 – Annie Rodenfels

Hosts Noah Droddy and Stu Newstat welcome 7x All American, 3x National Champion, and new member of the Asics Greenville Track Club, Annie Rodenfels. Annie competed for Centre College in Danville, Kentucky and is coming off of a historic track season. She became the first woman in D3 history to break 10 in the steeplechase, the 2nd woman to win Back to back Steeple Titles and was the 2nd woman to win the Steeple and 5k at the same National meet. We really enjoyed this conversation which follows Annie’s progression from being a brand new cross country runner her freshman year of college, to her national championship victories and plans for a pro-career. As we release this podcast, Annie will be stepping onto the track for her first USA championship – good luck Annie! We’ll catch you on the other side – here’s to the glory days. That’s it for episode for episode two. We hope you enjoyed hearing Annie’s story as much as we did, follow her on instagram: @andrearodenfels.

Episode 1 – Will Leer

In the inaugural Episode of D3 Glory Days, Hosts Noah Droddy and Stu Newstat sit down with Will Leer to hear about his experience at Pomona College. Will covers his transition from High School to College, discusses his college decision process, offers advice to high school athletes, and talks about his college “rivalry” with Nick Symmonds. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review.